• Hektor

A Guide to Better Credit With The Help of Lexington Law

This post is sponsored by Lexington Law, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Lexington Law Disclaimer.

There are many things that we are taught about growing up but somehow how to stay on top of your credit score is not something that I particularly feel very knowledgeable about. The lack of education on the topic has led me to make pretty avoidable mistakes that have made a huge impact on my credit score. As I enter my 30’s and am trying to purchase my first home, I am now seeing the consequences of not having the best credit score (or at least the credit score I wish I could have).

It can be pretty easy to let the anxiety of a bad credit score paralyze us but that doesn’t solve our issues. It’s better to take control and face it head on. That’s why I am grateful to have discovered Lexington Law which has helped me embark on my journey to better credit and better interest rates.

Lexington Law is a consumer advocacy law firm that helps you improve your credit with the largest network of credit repair professionals in the U.S. Lexington Law leverages consumer rights to resolve issues with creditors, data furnishers and credit bureaus, and ensure that client credit is fair and accurate.

I recently signed up through their website and the process couldn’t have been easier! It’s pretty straightforward and I was able to speak with one of their specialists which really helped me understand how to navigate the website and the many incredible features available.

In the first few minutes after signing up, I was able to access one of my favorite features which is the report analysis. This feature breaks down the factors creditors use to renew our credit score and report. This tool also allows me to see what accounts are affecting my credit and how to improve on them. As I browsed through the analysis, I was shocked to see some of the marks on my credit report. I couldn’t believe the things that were having an impact on it! Some of the negative marks on my credit I discovered didn’t even belong to me. Thankfully, I now am aware of them and with the help of the Lexington Law team we can work together to fix these errors. Lexington Law has sent over 221 million total challenges and disputes on behalf of their clients since 2004 leading, to over 70 million negative item removals from consumers credit.

With that said, that is not the only feature available through the website and app! They have many other features, like the Money Manager which allows you to link your accounts to help you budget and set realistic financial goals. This has been extremely helpful as I am trying to minimize my debt before purchasing a home later in the year.

A tool that I’ve combined with the Money Manager is the Credit Library they offer! The Credit Library has many extremely helpful articles that allow you to have the tools to better budget and improve your credit score at the same time.

It’s #NeverTooLate to fix those mistakes. Sign up to stay on top of your credit with the help from the team at Lexington Law.