• Hektor

Bangkok: To skip or not to skip in next your trip to Thailand?

Bangkok is a polarizing city and for some reason there seems to be no in between as to how people feel about it. When I told my friends that I would be visiting Thailand, one of the most common things I was told was to skip it. Naturally it triggered my curiosity and had to see it for myself.

First off I will say I understand why some people might opt out of visiting Bangkok, it's massive, chaotic, loud, among many other things. But it's also the same things that make it a fascinating destination. There is a million things to do at all times ensuring that there is never a dull moment in your trip. Let's just say if you like cosmopolitan cities such as New York, Mexico City, London - you are sure to love the madness that is Bangkok.

Now you are probably thinking that is fantastic but how do I decide what to do in a city with a million things to do? While I can't decide that for you, I will share some of my favorite things from my time in Bangkok.

First off is one of my personal favorite attractions - the Mahanakhon Skywalk. I was a little apprehensive about this one when I was doing my planning as it seemed like a total tourist trap but I am happy to inform that it's only so in the best way. Additionally, it was one of the less crowded places that I got to visit. The experience is top notch and starts from the moment you step into the elevator. Let's just say that you'll want to have your phones ready to capture some of the magic.

I would highly recommend doing this one on your first day in the city to take in some of the Bangkok magic and get a overall feel of each neighborhood.

Next off is The Grand Palace, which no trip to Bangkok should skip. It's beauty is ethereal and photos definitely do not do it justice. However, keep in mind that this place is a tourist heaven and it gets heavily overcrowded. If you plan on visiting make sure to do so early in the morning or closer to sunset as Bangkok can get pretty hot. Combine that with the overcrowding and it's not a great formula.

Reportedly, there is more than 40 thousand temples in Thailand - so your trip can’t be complete without seeing as many of this beauties. The architecture and design is simply breathtaking but with that said the most famous ones tend to get overcrowded to the point that it becomes unenjoyable. Such was the case for me at the Wat Arun (also known as the Temple of Dawn). While I’m happy I got to experience it, it was an experience that was difficult to enjoy with selfie sticks flying over my face at all times.

A more enjoyable temple for me to visit was the Wat Benchamabophit also known as The Marble Temple. The temple isn’t just a quieter destination but just as iconic and beautiful. In fact, its beauty is featured on the five baht coin. For your visits to the temples, keep in mind that you'll have to wear your clothing that covers your shoulders and legs. Otherwise you'll have to buy or rent clothes for admission inside the temple.

After a visit to the temple, you’ll probably want to recharge with some coffee and luckily a few minutes away was is a marvelous coffee shop, Buddha & Pals. Not only do they have an extensive menu offering a plethora of delicious options but it’s a Instagram heaven as well. Every corner of the cafe is so carefully designed that you will want to take a photo. In fact, during my time there I saw groups of bloggers having photoshoots at this spot - aka another reason to visit. The people watching is fantastic, LOL.

Lastly but certainly not least, my absolute favorite place that I got to visit is, Vertigo and Moon Bar. The atmosphere and views here are simply breathtaking and something that everyone should witness. I couldn't think of a better way to end the day than watching the sunset from here, meanwhile the live band plays absolutely beautiful renditions of classic romantic songs. Please do yourself a favor and come here at least once, you won't regret it. With that said for full disclosure, this place is on the pricier side for Bangkok but I think it's absolutely WORTH IT. You'll understand the moment you arrive at the top. Have your camera ready and be ready to be amazed.