• Hektor

Did you know Texas has its very own Dublin? Learn more about the Irish Capital of Texas

I was recently on a road trip to Dallas, TX - when I came across the mystical town of Dublin, TX. I was shocked but also not surprised to discover Texas has its very own Dublin. After discovering the replica of Stonehenge in Ingram - nothing really surprises me. In fact, I am starting to believe Texas truly has it all.

The city of Dublin has a population of just over 3,000 inhabitants but its history is so rich that it's undoubtedly worth stopping by.

Dublin was named the official Irish Capital of Texas in 2005 by then Governor of Texas, Rick Perry. The town is known for being the former home of the world's oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant. The plant was for many years the only U.S. source for Dr Pepper made with real cane sugar (from Texas-based Imperial Sugar).

While the former Dr. Pepper plant recently had to change its name and stop selling Dr. Pepper, you'll still find the Dubling Bottling Works. Known as the home to the world's best sodas in Texas. It offers an array of soda flavors made with pure cane sugar, making it a must for any soda lover. If you plan on visiting, you can also schedule a tour of the bottling facilities - so make sure to plan in advance.

While Dublin a very small town, it's so charming and we LOVED exploring it. If you are wondering if it's worth a detour in your next roadtrip through Texas, my answer is a YES!