• Hektor

Getting lost in Taiwan's Promisedland Resort & Lagoon

You probably heard of Taipei but you probably haven't heard of the magic that resides just a few hours away from the city. One of those jewels that I discovered is the Promiseland Resort in Hualien County.

The Promisedland Resort is honestly one of the places that is so magical, that you can't really capture its beauty in photos or words. From the moment I arrived at the property, I knew that it was one going to be a lifetime experience and I wasn't wrong. I mean the property alone is such a sight to see! The total area of the Promisedland is 1.5 times bigger than the land of Monaco. It's seriously insane! Thankfully, there is golf carts available that will transport you from one place to another.

The property isn't just massive in size but it has so much to offer! It's honestly a vacation paradise that will surprise you with memories that will last a LIFETIME. I couldn't think of a better destination to go disconnect from the harsh realities of the world.

I'll be honest and admit that during my time at the resort, I didn't leave once. Why would I? There is just so much to do! Even when I was leaving, I was extremely emotional as something about the experience had changed me. The experience brought out emotions in me that I hadn't experience since the first time I went to Disneyland as a child.

In large part, I think it's thanks to the staff whom are so welcoming and will make sure that your whole stay is nothing short of a dream. Taiwan can be a bit difficult for visitors who don't speak Mandarin but that was never an issue at the resort. Everyone was always so happy to help!

The resort also has a beautiful man-made lagoon that is over 2 kilometers. It's honestly impressive and guests can take boat rides around the property to get from one place to the other. I personally loved the lagoon and spent a lot of time near it trying to disconnect from the world. The best part is that all 240 guest-rooms have a special view of the lagoon - so no matter which room you get, you'll have an amazing view!

As I mentioned, the hotel has endless activities and offers more than 20 exclusive entertainment facilities to keep you entertained during your stay! I didn't have enough time to try all of them or visit the spa in this trip but I did partake on other activities that including plant-dyeing, designing my own bracelet, coffee-making, and countless others.

I am not naturally gifted in the arts but I am so grateful for the staff who was so patient with me throughout the process and kept me encourage to follow through. While I am not going to say everything came out perfect, I cherish the items now as they are great memories of this time.

The hotel also has nightly performances at the Andalusia ballroom + everyone is so talented! It's a must! You can grab a drink at the bar while enjoying the performers. If staying up late is not your thing - you can also check out the daily performances in the lobby by an extremely talented group of individuals that will get you dancing! The musicians play Spanish hits and as a Latino - you bet I got my moves out! It felt like being home despite being thousands of miles away.

Overall, my experience at the Promisedland Resort & Lagoon has been a life highlight and is one of those places I can confidently say that I'll be traveling back to. Especially as the owners of the hotel are still developing new areas of the land to bring more magic to guests. From what I hear, even a shopping center for guests will soon be available. PLEASE SIGN ME UP for another stay at this paradise!