• Hektor

Kuala Lumpur: 24-Hour Layover

This year I am so grateful for long layovers, they've allowed me to see some beautiful places that I otherwise wouldn't been able experience such as Kuala Lumpur. This type of layover not only allows you to discover new cities if you are on a budget or limited in time but also teaches you how to plan efficiently to maximize your time as much as possible. You'll surprise yourself with how much you can manage to fit in a short period of time.

The downside of sightseeing this way is that you have to cut some destinations that might be in your list. In my case this was the Batu Caves, as they would occupy over half of my day with traffic and such taken into consideration. 

One important factor when sightseeing this way (at least for me) is staying at a central location and I couldn't have picked a more perfect location than ANSA Hotel which is situated right in the middle of all the action.  In fact as soon as I checked in, I went down to the second floor were I started my KL tour at the Museum of Illusions.

I’ve always been fascinated by everything magic related so naturally I loved exploring the museum and the photo ops are endless. Check out some of my images below!

Since the hotel was located in Bukit Bintang, which is known as the epicenter of fashion and entertainment, I decided I needed to explore the area. Let me tell you, I am not exaggerating when I say you'll literally find everything you need in the area and it's full of cute colorful walls everywhere you turn. A little something to note about the area and KL in general is that it really comes alive at night. Forget early closures, KL is all about night time living.

Next up on my list was the Federal Territory Mosque. While I was told that KL has excellent public transportation, I opted to take a Grab (the equivalent of Uber in Malaysia) in order to make the most of my time. I highly recommend downloading this app if you are traveling in Asia, that way you can avoid dealing with money or miscommunication as many people don't speak English.

The Federal Territory Mosque is massive and is situated in five hectare site near the Government Office Complex. There is so many breathtaking spots here and it's so serene that it's hard to imagine that you are in the city. If you plan to visit, there is no admission fee and surprisingly during my time there I had the place all to myself.

As many of you might now, I am obsessed with rooftop bars and I make it a point of going to one for sunset in every city that I visit. After much researching, I settled on Heli Lounge Bar and I don't think there couldn't been a better option. In fact, I am going to say this is the best rooftop bar that I've ever visited. The bar doesn't open till 5pm as it's a fully functioning helicopter pad by day. However, you can grab a drink on the lounge downstairs as you wait for them to open which I highly recommend to secure the best spot.

After a few drinks and having experience the most beautiful views of the city, I went back to the hotel to drop some souvenirs I had purchased throughout the day. It was time to go to perhaps Kuala Lumpur's most famous attraction, the Petrona Twin Towers. I decided to walk here as it was only a 10 minute walk from where I was staying and I find walking through a new city is the best ways to discover little hidden gems.

I had seen the Instagram photos of the towers and obsessed over visiting. However, I was still blown away seeing them in person. I personally found seeing them at night added a grandiose element as they are so perfectly lit and and stand out so magically in the darkness of the night. Please note to be prepare for the large crowds and bring a wide angle lens with you to be able to capture this majestic beauties.

With that, my time for sightseeing in Kuala Kumpur came to a close. It was time to head back to the hotel for a short night sleep before hitting the road again. While I didn't get to see ALL of the things that KL has to offer, the ones I did have been some of the most incredible stuff I've seen and left me eager to go back in the near future and explore more.