• Hektor

State-cation at CANVAS Hotel in the city of Dallas, TX

Twenty-twenty has been a transformative year that has completely changed how we operate. Prior to this year, I always on the go and didn't have time to truly look inwards. This year, I finally got a moment to slow down and reevaluate what really matters to me and where I want to head next. While I'm saddened by the series of events that had to take place for me to slow down, I'm grateful for many of the experiences it has led me to.

Before this year, I never really explored my home country that much. However, with the current travel restrictions - I've been exploring the USA more than ever! Particularly, my home state of Texas. Can I say that I am truly shocked at how much I've been missing out? Texas has so many treasures just waiting to be discovered and experienced!

This past weekend, I decided to have a little state-cation and explore the city of Dallas with my brother, as we've been using our time off in the weekends to discover new cities. For our hotel, we chose to stay at the CANVAS Hotel and I couldn't be happier with our selection. Our safety when traveling during this time is extremely important to us and we LOVED that this was a priority as well for the CANVAS team and management.

We were happy to see that social distancing was being practiced and that face masks were required when being indoors. You can even pre-check in online to minimize physical interactions! MAJOR!!

The CANVAS Hotel literally has everything you need to the point where you don't really need to leave the hotel at all. To be honest, we didn't leave much during the three days that we were there! Please don't judge us.

For starters, the Gallery Rooftop Lounge offers stunning views of Dallas, a selection of delicious drinks and plates, plus endless photo-ops on the roof. What else could we ask for?

If you visit - I'd highly recommend getting the mezcal margarita. It's truly out of this world and you'll thank me later. It's the perfect drink to enjoy as you sit in their heated infinity pool enjoying the Downtown Dallas skyline.

The pool is EVERYTHING and the best part is that there was always something going on.

From 7am to 8pm, it's only open to guest and offers the perfect environment to relax. With that said, as soon as 8pm hits, the area is transformed into a proper lounge bar. By this time, there is usually non-guests waiting in line to catch the beautiful sunset views from the lounge. While the pool does close at 8pm, the lounge remains open till 2am!

The lounge was not the only highlight of the hotel! The loft-style rooms are also incredibly spacious and beautifully decorated. Take a look at some of the decor below!

As I mentioned, we didn't really leave the hotel much but given the wonderful location of the hotel in Cedars District - we decided to check out two nearby plant-based restaurants: Spiral Diner & Tiki Loco Deep Ellum.

If you are a vegan who loves comfort food - Spiral Dinner is your place. They serve all kinds of yumminess and even have breakfast all day. If you aren't a morning person like me, this is a huge win! We had the buffalo nachos and tried out a couple of their burgers. The clear winner was the El Paso burger which uses the Beyond patty. It was EVERYTHING.

Tiki Loco Deep Ellum was also an incredible experience. It's not only beautifully decorated but all the dishes were exceptional. If you are a sweets person - this is the place for you! The deserts are just PHENOMENAL. Take a look below.