• Hektor

Stonehenge in Texas? No problem

Did you know that there is a replica of the iconic Stonehenge monument in Texas? If you didn't - I am happy to be introducing you to it. The homage concrete sculpture, is officially named Stonehenge II and can be found on the campus of the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram, Texas.

My brother and I discovered this iconic monument while on a weekend road trip to Fredericksburg, TX. We were so excited and couldn't believe that such treasure existed in the state of Texas! Not only is it completely free to visit but on the day we visited - it was completely crowd free, making it a great destination in this times of social distancing.

While the homage monument, is only about two thirds the size of the original Stonehenge - here you can get up-close and even touch the stones!

We had a blast visiting and the best part is that the Fredericksburg wineries are located only twenty minutes away, which allowed us to finish our day with a few glasses of wine aka our perfect way to finish any day.