• Hektor

The Perfect Winter Escape: Christmas Holidays at Ventus @ Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

–Who doesn't like to escape to sunnier beaches during the icy cold months of winter break? As everyone knows, I hate the cold and will do anything to avoid it. Naturally when my brother brought up the idea to escape to Puerto Morelos for the Christmas break, I couldn't say yes fast enough. Mexico is always a good idea!

For our hotel, we decided to stay at Ventus at Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort and I couldn't think of a better place we've could have chosen. The three-day stay at the all inclusive resort was one of the most relaxing and fun breaks we’ve had in a while.

Given the current situation in our world, a paradise where there was no need to leave the premises for anything was exactly what we needed. The hotel exceeded our needs with 2 beautiful swimming pools, one infinity pool, two jacuzzis for adults, live entertainment, and endless food.

The rooms at Ventus hotel are super spacious, well decorated, and to top it all have amazing views. Our room was the Double Swim-Up Platinum with a private balcony and a swimming pool. Honestly a HEAVEN! Literally didn't leave the hotel ever. The beds are so comfortable that I didn't want to even leave the room. I'm not kidding! I did watch a few of those over the top Hallmark Christmas movies - and I won't be shamed for it.

One thing that we did love to do was to wake up early to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. I've never been one to wake up early but missing out on such beautiful moments was not an option. (And lets be real) we also wanted to take advantage of all the activities! Did Chris and I do yoga in the mornings? You bet we did! They also had spinning classes which unfortunately we didn't get to try. With that said, if you enjoy water activities, they have pool/beach volleyball and aqua-fit classes. The hotel even offers paddle boards, boogie boards, windsurf and kayaking.

Snorkel Tour to Puerto Morelos Reef National Park

Did I mention that the hotel has their very own tours departing from the hotel itself? YEP! On our second day at El Cid Resort Marina, we went on a snorkeling adventure to the second largest reef in the world. The Puerto Morelos Reef which is famously known for its immense variety of marine life. The Puerto Morelos Reef Park is also a protected sanctuary since 1998.

I'll be honest and admit that I hadn't snorkeled in forever and was a bit scared to do so at the beginning. However, after a few minutes I was too captivated by the beauty of the reef that all fear abandoned my body. We definitely were so obsessed with the vibrant corals, colorful fish who all flit and swim in unison, lobsters, starfish, barracudas and of course the beautiful reef structures. I didn't want to stop snorkeling after that! What I loved about this tour is that you also get a boat tour in which the drinks just don't stop coming aka my idea of a perfect tour.

The tour was about three hours long. It’s about a 15 minute cruise to the reef and about 35 to 45 min snorkeling around the reef depending on conditions. Full disclosure: Snorkeling was not part of the all inclusive, it has an additional cost but is SO WORTH IT.


So we all agree that food is life, right? Well the food at Ventus at Marina El Cid is a highlight! They have so many restaurants with a range of different cuisines. Specialties include Italian, Asian, Mexican, and French. Let’s not forget 24hr room service! Literally THE DREAM and what you want from any vacation!

Mercado de Dolores (Market of Tastes) / Aromas Cafeteria


So I have to say the Ile de France was my absolute favorite place to have dinner. The food was out of this world! My brother and I are both plant-based and the chef couldn't have been nicer about it. Every night he would create the most delicious creations and offered to make anything vegan for us. Please see below for #foodporn!

And who doesn't love a good bar? I always want to keep the party going and I love that Ventus made it so easy to do so. At the property you can find Zanza Lounge Bar, Macondo Bar, and Abnia Bar! The spicy margaritas at Abnia were a HIGHLIGHT for me. Then again, you can never go with a spicy margarita! #Facts

At the end of our trip, we couldn't have been sadder to be leaving! We just had the most incredible time at Ventus. After the harsh realities of 2020, all we wanted was an escape that would offer a moment of bliss and this trip delivered much more than that.

I have to mention that the hotel goes above and beyond to make sure that everything is always sanitized and made us feel extremely comfortable at all times. This was something that we truly value! With that said, we can't wait to visit again soon and discover more of what this paradise has to offer!